30 x 52 x 26 , screened top, clear plexiglass doors, one basking light with spare bulb and one red heat lamp, under-tank heating pad, water dish. Solid wood construction.
This sale is for one piece of wild harvested Douglass Fir bark that measures 6 3/4 long by 4 wide and 3 high. I put the barn next to a can of corned beef for a size reference, so please check photos. (Corned beef does not come with this sale! Display purposes only!) The piece is slightly curved, so if set just right has a little space under it that forms a mini-cave. I tried to capture that in ...
Two Ball Pythons and cage 400 obo, one is a male, the other female. They are known breeders, they have 3 times so far. For more info please call at 575-430-7486 or for more pics let me know and I can send you some. big one is male, habitat is 2ft 3ft 6ft with hot box in top had big one since 6 inches long has foliage,tree also have n.i.b.reptibator inquabater for 100.00 call me with offer
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